Welcome to PILS

PILS was established in 1998 which was independent of SAMSUNG HEAVY INDUSTRIES(SHI) who is a leading company in both shipbuilding and offshore plant.
Our core business was developed from the role of SHI branch office such as trading, vicarious procurement service, engineering service, inspection & quality control service, spare part supplying service for shipbuilding, offshore, petrochemical and Oil/Gas plants.

PILS is well joined with both more than 1,000 leading manufacturers and well known clients in the world.
PILS is in way of providing best service to our worldwide clients and will do utmost effort so that clients can create profits.

In year 2013, we established a forging company named YCF Co., Ltd. who can produce 100,000 tons per year for small-medium and middle-large size forging products with high quality from ring rolling mills (∮5,000 & ∮3,200) and 3,000 ton Press with 25 ton Rail Bound Forging Manipulator.

Please watch with deep concern about PILS’s challenge in the various business field.
Once again, thank you so much for your interesting and cooperation.

Ju Cheol Kim/CEO